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Important News

--- 03/25/2021 ---

2021 Steele County Property Tax Statements and Valuation Notices are Mailed Together

 In a continuing effort to efficiently use County tax dollars, the “Notice of Valuation and Classification” will be mailed with Tax Statements. Steele County property owners can expect to receive this important information in the end of March.  

In this mailing from Steele County you will receive:

  1. The 2021 assessment information on the Valuation Notice will be used for property taxes payable in 2022.
  2. The 2021 Property Tax Statement is based on the assessment information from 2020.

It is important to note assessment information on the 2021 Tax Statement was set in 2020. This value and classification can only be appealed in Minnesota Tax Court through April 30, 2021.  The Valuation Notice contains the new valuation and classification for the 2021 assessment. This information will be used to calculate property taxes in 2022.  Steele County mails this important information as part of the multi-year assessment and taxation process in Minnesota.


Anyone who believes their 2021 assessment valuation and classification is correct does not need to contact the assessor and/or attend any of the appeal meetings. If the property information is not correct, you disagree with the value/ classification or you have questions about your notice, please contact the Steele County Assessor’s Office first at 507- 444-7435 to discuss any questions or concerns.  Often, issues can be resolved at this level.


If your questions or concerns are not resolved, formal appeal options are available. Formal appeal dates, times and location are listed on the bottom of the Valuation Notice. Please contact the Assessor’s Office if you plan on attending the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting, to get on the agenda and to allow the assessor to provide the board with property and assessment information. The assessor will advise property owners of further appeal rights, if needed. Read the notice carefully for all your appeal options.


If the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization did not resolve your concerns, you may bring your case to the Steele County Board of Appeal and Equalization. Please contact the Assessor’s Office to get on the agenda and for more information. The County Board of Appeal and Equalization will meet on June 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Steele County Administrative Center in the board room.


2021 assessment information can be found on the Assessor's web site.


Taxpayers are reminded to watch for due dates on each individual tax statement, as different types of property may have different payment deadlines.  The first tax payment deadline for all property is May 15. 

--- 03/24/2021 ---

Steele County Assessor’s Quintile Reassessment

Minnesota Statutes require the assessor to physically inspect properties at least once every five years. This is called the “quintile” reassessment. You will start seeing Steele County appraisers in these areas taking photos and updating property characteristics to improve our records in preparation for compiling the 2022 assessment. The 2022 assessment will be used to determine your 2023 property taxes.

All appraisers are required to wear a fluorescent vest with Steele County printed on the back of the vests.  Each appraiser will have identification badges prominently displayed and be driving Steele County vehicles. We will inform city administration and law enforcement of the areas they’ll be working in. At this point, we will only be viewing properties from the exterior. If an interior inspection is required, we will contact the property owner to schedule an appointment.  

For a map of the "quintile" area click on the maps of the City of Owatonna and the Township Quintile areas.

Property Owners can contact the Steele County Assessor at (507) 444-7435 to verify the validity of the appraiser or with any questions or concerns.